Yayasan Mahargijono Schützenberger Indonesia was founded in memoriam of the late Mahar Schützenberger, a son of Professor Marcel-Paul Schützenberger – a doctor, mathematician, and member of the Academie des Sciences, France – with advancing the world of education in Indonesia in mind. 

Yayasan Mahargijono Schützenberger Indonesia initiated an education program called “A Door to the Future“, which focuses on early education in remote areas. We are committed to creating infrastructures, building children’s libraries, supporting temporary teacher welfare, as well as providing scholarships for outstanding students.

If you represent an eligible institution, please call +62 811 3788 969 or email info@maharschutzenberger.com

Should you wish to contribute for temporary teachers and students’ scholarship, please transfer your funds to: 

Yayasan Mahargijono Schutzenberger 
Acc. No. 144-00-7177888-7 
Bank Mandiri, Soekarno Hatta Branch, Malang, Swift Code: BMRIIDJA