Yayasan Mahargijono Schützenberger Indonesia was established as dedication to memory the late Michel Mahargijono Schutzenberger who lost his life at tragic accident in March 29,1980 near Paris, at the age of 23.
He was the son of Marcel Paul Schützenberger, (A French Medical Doctor and mathematician) from his second married to Hariati Soerosoegondo who met in Indonesia in 1953. His father worked for the OMS and his mother managed a women association.

The parents then decided to honor the memory of their son by keeping his spirit in education alive by supporting lots of Indonesian students who make excellent achievement in their study in Paris. Hence the Mahar Schutzenberger Prize or PRIX MAHAR was founded by AFIDES in France which manage by his sister Helene Schützenberger. Since 1991 Mahar Schützenberger price awarded the works of Indonesians researchers preparing their doctoral thesis in France.

Yayasan Mahargijono Schützenberger Indonesia initiated an education program called “A Door to the Future“, which focuses on early education in remote areas. We are committed to creating infrastructures, building children’s libraries, supporting temporary teacher welfare, as well as providing scholarships for outstanding students.

For more information about Mahargijono Schutzenberger please visit https://www.mahar-schutzenberger.com