A word from the Chairwoman

Yayasan Mahargijono Schützenberger Indonesia first initiate by my grandmother Hariati who was Mahargijono’s mother.

After long time delay in execution, nearly 40 years, then come the 4th generation of the big family of Soerosoegondo who care about the preserving the memory and pure intention of doing good contribution in Educational Field. Hence the Yayasan Mahargijono Schützenberger Indonesia (YMSI) was founded on 3 February 2021 in Malang East Java Indonesia.

In Indonesia, which known as the archipelago island has many island separate for each other. This condition make some area are hard to reach by infrastructure and so is their education condition. YMSI are aimed to help and promote better education and chance of learning focusing in the remote and isolated area first.

Where there are not all area in indonesia island which can be covered by phone signals to enable online learning especially in this pandemic condition, the books are becoming their only tools to learn and to connect with what happen in the world nowadays. Hence YMSI mission is making lots of Book Learning Centre (Taman Baca) so they get used to read books as their basic education. Aside of the Book Centre,slots online we will also pay attention to the welfare of the volunteer and teacher that is not getting enough compensation for their dedication. Our project in all aspect related to promoting better education will keep moving forward as per our motto “A DOOR TO THE FUTURE “

Hopefully we will have impact on making better live for lots of people by this program and May God Bless Us All.

Kindest Regards,

Sofia Ambarini Syahreza S. Comp. Magister of Management

A word from the Chancellor

As a descendant of Soeroseogondo, I was very delighted to deliver the dream of our mothers and fulfilled their final wishes. That is to be useful human being for others and always remember the importance of education in every aspect of Life.

While in Paris the Mahar Prix was given to student in master and doctoral degree with high achievement, hence we are doing more basic things in Indonesia. That is the early education as I believe that early education are very important as they are not only form the skill and knowledge of the child, but also building the character and personality as a person.

Hopefully Yayasan Mahargijono Schützenberger Indonesia will have a big impact on each community that we help and hence we also help the children to reach their better life. And for that reason, that’s why we choose to have our first program in Indonesia is really A DOOR TO THE FUTURE to young generations in Indonesia.

Better education, Better generation, Better Future,

Kindest Regards,

DR. dr. Adelein Nanerl Sp.M