Focusing on the educational field as the main and strongest interest of Yayasan Mahargijono Schützenberger Indonesia (YMSI) in Indonesia  we are  paying serious attention to the basic education or early education as the core of the character building and potential process in a person. Not to mention that  the  conditions in Indonesia still require a lot of help for this level of education. With area that have specification of :

  • Lack of facility or support from the government
  • Still has no regular donation from other party
  • Have the volunteers or teachers that already carry out learning process for some times with minimum tools or need books as first priority
  • With minimum 20 regular students actively involved in learning program

Hence our program to support these conditions are :

TAMAN BACA ( Public Library )
For the remote and isolated area which rely on books as the main tools for learning, and sometimes also they do not have school facilities around the area or they do have school but have unsufficient tools / books for their learning process. We establish Taman Baca with continuous support for the books for formal schooling and also story book to improve their creativity.

Our First Taman Baca has established in Desa Pagar Batu Kabupaten Lahat Sumatera Selatan in 12 March 2021
Our second Taman Baca has already established in Paud Tanjungrejo Sukun Malang East Java in 13 March 2021

Please check out our Taman Baca Program, featured in Kalbar Kaltim News

For the student with high achievement that need support for their school fee or other cost related to their education

Teachers are the important assets in the learning process. Whether they are formal teachers or volunteer teachers , most of the time they don’t ever have enough compensation for what they’ve done. Hence we also take this issue seriously and we make the program to find regular supporters that are willing to help improve the welfare of teachers in remote areas.

PRIX MAHAR SCHUTZENBERGER (Mahar Schutzenberger Awards)
Before our Indonesian Fondation was established, The Mahar Schützenberger program called Prix Mahar Schutzenberger which give award for master and doctoral degree has already been conducted in Paris by AFIDES with Helene Schutzenberger as the chair woman. Should you wish to see our list of awardee, kindly click the link below (Our List of Mahar Schützenberger Award Recipients (1991-2019))

Mahar Schutzenberger Award Recipients